What is Static-HLstats?

HLstats shows realtime statistics using a web server with PHP and a database server like MySQL. Static-HLstats converts the realtime generated pages of HLstats to static .html pages that can be viewed without PHP, web server or database server. Static-HLstats does a copy from the currently installed HLstats, and so maintaining the actual statistics look. Moreover, Static-HLstats doesn't requiere any privileges on the server running HLstats, since Static-HLstats doesn't change anything on the original HLstats.


-HLstats installed and running, on a local or remote server
-PHP 4 or 5 with CURL extension


GPL, except sorttable.js, under the X11 licence according to the creator

Installation process:

1- Download the zip file containing Static-HLstats from here
2- Unzip it
3- Open config.php
4- Edit $servidor with the ip and port of the server running HLstats (for example, or
5- Edit $rutahlstats with the path to the hlstats.php file on the server (for example /stats/hlstats.php)
6- Edit $rutalocal with the absolute or relative path where the output .html files will be stored. PHP must have writing perms on that directory; if the dir doesn't exists then the script will try to create it
7- Edit any other option you wish, as $blacklist. If you comment the string "playerhistory" the events history of each player will be converted (it'll take up a lot of time and disk space). Uncommenting //"weaponinfo" the script won't convert the stats for weapon, etc...
8- Copy the hlstatsimg directory from the original HLstats to the $rutalocal directory
9- Open in your web browser the index.php of Static-HLstats
10- Wait until index.php finishs and it's done!