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(2012/01/23 11:07) Eric:

I love this plugin. Thank you!

I'd like to request an option to remove the titlebar getting updated when a new message appears.

(2011/12/31 03:44) Grant:

I love WebPidgin-Z.

A suggestion for you to seriously consider: The same way you added custom.css, add a custom.js inclusion and CSS classes on everything.

Then I can include jQuery or other custom JavaScript to make the interface behave precisely how I want it to work without any additional work from you.

In fact, it would allow people to write their own JavaScript libraries for WebPidgin-Z, do AJAX and parse the results for a dynamic UI, reformat/change the layout of things on the screen, whatever they wanted.

Please consider the inclusion of in the ... as a high priority future enhancement.

Thank you.

(2011/10/28 18:23) Reddy:


(2011/09/24 14:04) Nordmann:

Ok my fault ;)
The Steam Browser just doesnt support frames and i had enabled it before. without its working fine even with AJAX

Steam Browser info btw:
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.1; en-US; Valve Steam GameOverlay/1687; ) AppleWebKit/534.1 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/6.0.444.0 Safari/534.1 ]

(2011/09/24 13:42) Nordmann:

Is there any way to make it compatible to the Steam ingame browser?
Chatting in Pidgin over the Steam ingame overlay would be just perfect instead of having to switch back to windows desktop all the time!!

(2011/09/11 13:21) Shaorang:

Hi Sebastian,

You could change the "Font Size Adjustment" option with something like -1 or -2

(2011/08/29 19:29) Sebastian:

Hi Shaorang,

I love WebPidgin-Z I'm using it for about 6 month on my Android Phone and there is nothing better to save battery ;-) the only problem is the screen size of the chat.
I tried to figure out how to adjust the size of the chats to better fit on small screens but I'm not an programmer :-( it would be great if this comes on the TODO list.

And thank you very much for your work :-)

Greetings from Germany


(2011/07/14 04:38) Shaorang:

The message input field gets the focus when the page loads, do you have javascript active? What browser are you using?

I'm sorry about the apache proxy thing, but webpidginz it's know to have some issues with it.

(2011/07/13 19:39) Rufus:

Is there any way to make the message input field have focus when the page loads? It's kind of a pain to have to either tab into it or click into it. Is this something that possible via the custom.css file?

(2011/07/08 12:59) Spyn:

It'd be cool if I could change the URL of the default page. I'm using proxy on apache to display my chat but it keeps going back to /

(2011/05/27 12:47) Test:


(2011/05/27 12:47) Test:


(2011/04/26 09:59) Duuri:

Thank you for last update!

(2011/04/25 23:14) Andrew:


(2011/03/01 19:56) Nemesis:

how can I log out from WebpidginZ?
When I close the browser and reopen it, I'm still logged in. There is no logout button.
How can that be enabled?


(2011/02/22 10:26) Evgeny:

Hi there, webpidginz is a very nice peace of work, but I face a very upleasant bug. When a new message comes to pidgin it opens a new window, active chat appears in webpidgin. BUT, i can not open it in webpidginz until I open it in pidgin. Once I click on pidgin window, I can open/close in webpidgin. I'm on ubuntu 10.4, webpidgin version is 2.0-Z-8. Is that bug already fixed in later releases? Thanks in advance, Evgeny. semjek@seznam.cz

(2011/02/14 13:35) Shaorang:

Hi! A new webpidgin version is out. I'm sorry for the lack of updates, but since last year I got a girlfriend and a new job and haven't got so much free time as before.

The main features in this update are sound support when receiving messages and support for including custom CSS.

(2011/02/11 12:03) Sava:

Great work on webpidgin!
Thanks! It works great

(2011/01/27 14:16) Tinimi:

Finch support would be pretty good

(2011/01/14 19:26) Asd:


(2010/12/26 18:01) Franklin:

How do we logout? Refreshing, closing the tab doesn't work. A logout button function would be nice.

(2010/12/15 01:42) External CSS?:

Your system deleted my code. Oh well, I'm sure you understand the gist of it.

(2010/12/15 01:40) External CSS?:

Could you please add this line to the HTML code, and I would be extremely happy?

Thanks! :)

(2010/11/22 15:36) Nemesis:

I want to use webpidgin through apache with mod_proxy, but I get the error: [warn] proxy: Ignoring bogus HTTP header returned
Is it possible to tunnel webpidgin through a apache with mod_proxy ?


(2010/11/16 15:59) Jethro:

I have the same problem with
Christoph "(2010/03/27 14:11)",
but only in WinXP.
I found there is no problem in Ubuntu.
Hope you could fix it.

(2010/11/11 02:17) Just Some Guy:

This is pretty awesome, I think finch support would be pretty handy and desired, I often leave a finch session running in a screen session and it would be great to be able to hit it with a browser ... are there serious technical issues with that? Or just something nobody else is interested in?

(2010/10/31 20:30) Shaorang:

To Jens.d: I don't think you need a logout button since wbpidgin dont use cookies. And I'm sorry but you cannot add an ip-range right now.

(2010/10/17 15:30) Jens.d:

Webpidign-z is pretty cool, just missed a logout button, so this interface can also be used on public internet terminals. shouldn't be much work, but i wouldn't add something i have to re-add after next update...

btw: how do i define an ip-range which is allowed to access?

best regards jens.d

(2010/10/06 22:38) Johnkzin:

This makes it a little bit like a web based version of an "IRC Bouncer" (proxy that provides persistent connections and logging). Though, it would be extra interesting, to me, if it could also support jabber/XMPP clients (as an alternative to web clients).

(2010/09/30 14:42) Amazing:

Thanks! Amazing! Any chance to allow RSS access without a password so we can use our phones with RSS updates to keep tabs on our IM's?

(2010/06/02 15:28) Harvie.CZ:

> I know, but it requires a lot of recode...

i've looked at the source and majority of code is just libpurple anywai... i've been porting some pidgin plugin to (pure|deep) purple today and all i had to do was to delete few functions, calls registering them as callbacks and flag in plugin info...

(2010/05/24 13:20) Horst:

I too would like to run it with only finch (ie no X-windows).

(2010/05/19 05:59) Ronald Santos:

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(2010/05/11 14:55) Der:

Hello! Thanks for WebPidgin-Z.. what about WebPidgin-Z on N900?

(2010/04/28 02:28) Grant:

When Ajax is enabled and you visit /ActiveList the following Ajax requests repeat over and over, several times a second:

(2010/03/27 18:11) Christoph:

I see only the first 39 people in my contact list in Pidgin when I use WebPidgin. What can I do?
Another problem is on long conversations I see only the first parts from the conversation.

(2010/02/20 09:54) Shaorang:

I know, but it requires a lot of recode and I've been a bit busy.

I'll do it someday!

(2010/02/15 19:29) Harvie.CZ:

Hello! Thanks for webpidgin-z, but it should be more usefull when it will be written as finch plugin, so i will be able to run it on my server without X from init scripts, or somewhere else on freeshell in screen without need of running whole x-server machine 24h/d somewhere.


(2010/02/11 06:50) Shaorang:

Hello you all! I've been really really busy with work and another opensource project, but I'll be back in a few days, I promise!

(2010/02/01 18:38) Oreally:

Hey, is there any reason on certain setups, I constantly get the login/password prompt. The thing is that it doesnt happen on all my machines, just a few and I can't seem to find a corelation between them. I am using FF3.6 and on those that doesnt work, also tried on IE8. I tried the following:
switching between authentication
forging ref headers
tried different browsers.

I do not get this issue with FF3.5/iphone's safari

Server is running debian 5 amd64/pidgin 2.6.5-2 from backports.

(2010/01/20 00:01) Jason:

Did this plugin stop working in the newest Pidgin release? I can no longer seem to get it working. If I put in the URL no page comes up, just keeps loading. I tried 3 different installs on 3 different machines and many different ports.

I tried in on Vista, Windows 7 and Server 2008.

(2010/01/18 10:46) Eyeless:

Hi again,
strange, seems to work now... I mean sending by pressing return.
unfortunately it isn't showing new messages as fast as possible, it often does not display them until i write something or I press F5 ... am I doing something wrong ? (Using Ajax, and WebPidgin-Z on Win32)

(2010/01/17 21:43) Eyeless:

great app! But is there any way to send by pressing "return" ? (or a similiar key)
This would be an amazing feature!
best wishes from Germany!

(2010/01/08 19:13) Christoph:

Hey Shaorang!
I see only the first 39 people in my contact list in Pidgin when I use WebPidgin. What can I do?
best wishes,

(2010/01/02 17:40) Ibfelzmann:

Thank you!
I think everything is working fine now.
Just one question: isn't it possible to change my status and my nick from the web interface?
Thank you again.

(2010/01/02 02:15) Shaorang:

Hi, you must install pidgin 2.6.x since webpidgin uses some features from 2.6 branch

(2010/01/02 00:17) Ibfelzmann:

I copied webpidginz.so (32 bits) to my ~/.purple/plugins under Ubuntu 9.04 running Pidgin 2.5.5.
When I try to "activate" the plugin, I can't. The message "Error: ABI version mismatch
2.6.x (need 2.5.x) || Verify the plug-in's website for a update." (Something like this, actually my Pidgin isn't in English)
I really don't know what this mean, I don't understand anything about Pidgin, but I'd like to use the Web Interface... What should I do?
Thanks and sorry for any mistake in my English. I'm not a native speaker.

(2009/12/26 21:56) Christoph:

I see only the first 39 people in my contact list in Pidgin when I use WebPidgin. What can I do?
In addition, messages are displayed on long courses of only the first message.

Otherwise a great addon for Pidgin!

(2009/12/23 14:15) Shaorang:

You're using finch, ayen't you? This is pidgin-only sorry, maybe in the future...

(2009/12/23 11:39) Hyli:

Webpidginz-v.2.0.Z-7-2009-12-10 / Ubuntu 2.6.31-14-server x86_64 / Finch 2.6.2

(12:35:13) plugins: probing /usr/lib/purple-2/webpidginz.so
(12:35:13) plugins: /usr/lib/purple-2/webpidginz.so is not loadable: undefined symbol: pidgin_toggle_sensitive

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